Thursday 13 September -- Gloucester - Chester - Wales - Liverpool

It was a lovely morning with blue sky showing soft pinks and oranges at the edges. Another full breakfast to see us on our way. A long drive to Chester, seeing lots of fields of sheep and cattle along the way. Chester is another pretty and interesting city with a large area of "Rows", that are 2- level shops dating back to earlier times when half-timbered buildings were the norm. Fortunately they were never redeveloped along modern lines.
We wandered the town, tried unsuccessfully to visit the Cathedral that was an Abbey until Henry VIII dissolved them. We bought a take-away lunch in the market and boarded our bus for an excursion to Wales. Our local guide, Peggy, was terrific, providing interesting facts at every turn. We passed slate outcrops on hillsides, saw a

ruined Abbey and fortress and spent an hour enjoying the town of Llangollen (pronounced something like Klengothlen) on the River Dee. Back in Chester we retrieved the passengers who hadn't gone to Wales and drove to Liverpool, home of the Beatles. We said good-bye to Martin, our stand-in driver. Smooth check-in at the Ibis, nice room. Very tired. Will likely go find some supper soon then turn in since tomorrow will be another very early morning.

I loved our encounter with the Dee River in Llangollen. 

Janice out at night in Liverpool at the "Docks"

Photos of the Day

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