Saturday, 15 September -- The Highlands

We started into the Highlands with a first stop at Loch Lomond. We were very fortunate to have sunny weather so we could comfortably ride on the top deck of the boat. Lovely views, including a big hotel where many famous people including Queen Victoria and Princess Margaret have stayed.

A small island with a stronghold of Clan McFarlane. Twisty roads up to Glencoe, where we stopped for a group photo -- no easy way to capture 50 people. At Fort William we had a lunch stop and time to wander. The temperature dropped sharply and clouds rolled in, but at least it didn't rain.

We stopped briefly at the memorial to the commandos who landed on the beaches during World War II while sampling a nice smokey, peaty local whiskey, then at Neptune's Ladder on the Caledonia Canal.

This is a series of 8 locks linking Loch Linney to Loch Lochey. Further along the road we came to a long line of stopped cars behind an accident. Rather than back out and take a 3-hour detour, we sat tight. Two hours later we were on our way again. It was a short trip to the Laggan Hotel, where we dropped our bags before leaving to visit a sheep farm. We've visited a few sheep farms in our travels, but this was the best.

The shepherd is employed by the laird and oversees 3000 sheep and about 15 sheepdogs. He manages the dogs by voice commands and whistles. He demonstrated the sheepdogs herding the sheep, then sheared a sheep with the help of volunteers,

including Larry. We fed some lambs with large bottles, then met a couple of baby pups. Very interesting. Back at the hotel we admired our large room for a moment before going to the dining room for a very nice 3-course dinner. Larry had haggis for his first course. What a great day this has been in spite of rain and the road delay. The Highlands are beautiful and the people friendly and interesting.

 A hungry one. Havoc when the shepherd passed out bottles of milk.

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