Thursday, 20 September -- London

Our day started with a bit of a taxi adventure -- we ordered one to take us to a hotel near the Eurostar station at St. Pancras, confirming that they'd take a credit card, since we were running low on pounds. When the car came, the driver didn't have the address we'd already provided, and at the end of the convoluted journey through London (75 minutes to go about 6 miles), no way to accept a credit card. We didn't have enough cash to cover the fare, but he took all we had and called it a day. The option was to wait while we went to a cash point. It was all a little weird. As we expected, our room wasn't ready, but we left our luggage and scoped out our route for tomorrow morning, to the Eurostar boarding area.

We took the tube to Blackfriars and walked across the bridge to the Globe Theatre, where we had a most interesting tour, including watching part of a rehearsal for the final jig bit of Othello. (I know Othello doesn't end with a jig, but apparently it's a tradition here. In this case it's a very low-key, sort of depressing jig). The display area is most interesting as well, and we lingered there for quite awhile.

Then we hopped on one of the river boats and rode to Westminster, walked past the Houses of Parliament,

 and Big Ben/Elizabeth Tower all shrouded in scaffolds for the next 3 years. Sigh. 
Got to Westminster Abbey not long before last entry. There is so much to see there that we spent the rest of our time and energy on it, deciding to forego the London Eye for this visit. 
On our way back to the subway, we witnessed some kind of event -- was it a demonstration? -- what seemed like a couple hundred motorcycles pouring down the street, blowing horns. Very noisy, but orderly, and we have no idea what it was about.
Back to St. Pancras where we had a nice dinner right in the station -- the whole place was re-done a few years ago and is quite magnificent. Then just down the street to the Alhambra Hotel. Our room turns out to be in a different building, across the street and down a steep flight of stairs from street level. It's very compact, but fine for one night. Clean and with a comfortable bed. A window opens to an inside air shaft/courtyard, and subway trains rumble by beneath us somewhere.

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