Friday, 28 September -- Conflans

We started moving around 1 am and by sunrise could see farmland and the occasional dock along the shore. After breakfast we admired the Captain's skill as we  pulled into a lock with only inches of clearance on each side. Most of the nearby buildings were stone. Soon we sank so that there was a concrete wall very close to our window, then sailed back out onto open river. This will happen several times.
At les Andelys we chose the gentle tour -- a bus ride to an overlook where we saw the town below, the serpentine Seine off in both directions, and the ruins of

Chateau Gaillard. Our guide explained the history of this fortification, built by Richard the Lionheart in the late 12th century. The town was where the workers lived who quarried the limestone and built the fortress. Both have been destroyed at various times, but the town bustles now.
Beside the ship we watched a fisherman, 2 swans and many ducks.
The afternoon was one of lovely leisure. We sat in the front of the lounge for lunch and lingered there, watching the sights along the river, including dramatic white cliffs, like at Dover. Then we retired to our cabin where we read and dozed until cocktails and dinner. The evening entertainment was 3 very talented local guys with violins and guitar playing classical and not-so-classical music.

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