Sunday, 9 September 2018 -- Leaving home

With a just-before-midnight flight, we had the whole day to be ready. It started with the 9 am arrival of Shari & Terry to help put the cover on the pool. Bill and Rosemarie had stayed over the night before, so the 6 of us wrestled the cover into place and I took off to church, since I was the sound operator. Larry actually made it too, moments before the service started. Our fall kick-off theme was "The 100 acre wood" and we enjoyed a Winnie-the-Pooh-themed bbq after service, with games, jokes and lots of food. Larry managed an afternoon snooze, but I had too much to do. The limo was right on time and our check in and security were smooth, so we were at the gate well before boarding. The tables in the boarding area are a nice touch, but so comfortable there was a danger of sleeping through the boarding call. But we stayed alert enough to board the totally full plane, and we were off!

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