Thursday, 27 September -- Bayeux to Paris to ??

After breakfast several of us did a circuit of the very nice botanical garden, just across the street from our hotel, before getting on the bus. We shared more poems and Cathy presented Sam with an Inuit sculpture and both Sam and Phillipe with cards and their tips, along with our great thanks. We sang "Go Now in Peace" for them.
Leaving Bayeux, we passed a war memorial with flags of several nations and shortly afterward a huge Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery. The reminders are everywhere here. Sam gave a summary of some of the personal stories she's heard from veterans over the years.
Soon we were on a superhighway, heading for Paris. We picnicked at a rest stop and continued on through rich  farmland. Arriving in Paris, we crossed the Seine with a fantastic view of
the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. We pulled up to the dock only to discover that the Amalyra was not there. It had been unable to get to Paris because of a broken river lock. Phillipe kindly agreed to drive us to that new location and after some negotiations, AMA agreed to pay the cost. We had an even better view of the Tower, and then we were into the melee that is the traffic around the Arc de Triomphe, and then into snarled traffic leading out of the city. Is there any possible explanation for the fact that AMA didn't bother notifying us, when they knew at 11 pm Wednesday where the new mooring was? Seems like very poor management to me. Lots of construction along the way and so very slow going and a very different and less appealing view of the city. It took 90 minutes to get to the boat.
Our cabin is pretty snug, but we settled in quickly and found a place for everything. There was a bottle of champagne and some chocolate-covered nuts awaiting us, and a welcome reception in the Lounge. We were joined there by the 15th (and new) Intrepid, Pat, who had spent the day walking around Paris after her plane landed at 8 am. Gabriela had reserved The Chef's Table for all of us for dinner. That's the small restaurant, with a special menu. It was delicious and really nicely presented.

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