Thursday, 4 October -- Paris to Toronto

When we got up this morning we realized that Larry's knee was worse by far than it has been. I spoke to Natalija and she said she'd try and get help for us at the airport. She was up to her eyebrows in disembarkation arrangements, so I greatly appreciated her attention to this. She came to the shuttle as we were leaving to let us know someone would be there to meet us. This was so last-minute I wondered if it was even possible, but sure enough -- an AMA rep met the shuttle, got a wheelchair arranged and stayed with us through checking in until airport personnel took over. My opinion of Natalija's efficiency went 'way up! And it seems that Charles de Gaulle Airport has a good system in place.
We were delayed on the tarmac for about an hour, because some vital piece of equipment had broken, but the rest of the flight was uneventful. At Pearson, a wheelchair awaited us, and we found a porter, so got through the whole process and into a limo very quickly. As soon as we got home, Larry saw a doctor and got x-rays, medication and a cane, so he should be fine soon.

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